September 22, 2016

The Junior Panhellenic Council is a smaller scale version of Panhellenic, consisting of 36 members, two from each Panhellenic sorority's new pledge class! The Junior Panhellenic Council members are active in the Greek community by planning sisterhood events, attending...

June 10, 2016

UGA Panhellenic’s communication committee is centered around exactly what you’re browsing through now—the Panhellnic blog! As a group, the girls are responsible for collecting and editing posts by the four to five sororities assigned to each week of the school year. Th...

May 9, 2016

As the Director of Programming for the Panhellenic Council, Becca Pannek's primary responsibility has been the internal programming and event planning within the council. Becca, along with her committee, have also coordinated events that reach out to the entire Panhell...

May 6, 2016

The Junior Panhellenic Council is a smaller scale Panhellenic for new members of sororities during their first semester. The members of the Junior Panhellenic Council will have the opportunity to plan sisterhood events, get involved on campus, and become leaders in the...

October 27, 2015




Members (pictured from left to right): Heather Long, Sydney Sawyer, Tori Martin, Anna Britt, Lena Hirsch, and Allie Gosch 

Junior Panhellenic (not pictured): Hannah Taylor, Suzanne Gizzi, Caroline Barry, Melanie Garlock, Caroline Walker


What they...

October 22, 2015


Members (pictured left to right):  Madeline Sparks, Taylor Warwick, Olivia Rawlings, Peyton Haecker, Madison Hahn

Junior Panhellenic (not pictured): Demi Pfeffer, Ellie Cash, Emma Harrell, Sarah Schamay, Sibley McCallie, Brenna Elliot


What we d...

October 20, 2015

Members (from left to right): Olivia Feltner, Marie Godiers, Katie Haack, Ashleigh Brosius, Emily Middleton, Helen Woodland

Junior Panhellenic (not pictured): Anna Jaggears, Alissa Ranson, Madeline Witchey, Elizabeth Willis, Lindsey Giles, Madison McGuirt


What they do:...

October 7, 2015

For the next few weeks, we wil be posting about the different committees on the Panhellenic Council. These committees aid with the internal affairs of the council and help the Executive Council whenever necessary. Each committee was asked to introduce their members, ex...

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I’m usually not a big time reader, however the boredom of quarantine has finally reached its peak and I have decided to start picking up some books! H...

What To Read During Quarantine

April 15, 2020

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