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Alpha Chi Omega

1064 s. lumpkin street

"Alpha Chi is so much more than just a sorority. It sounds cheesy but these girls really are my best friends, my go-to's, my pick-me-ups. They're my family." -Courtney Butler

Amelia Smith
Alpha Delta Pi

150 s. milledge avenue

"I have never doubted my decision to join ADPi. College is truly one of the best times of your life and ADPi had made it that much better." -Julia Wright

Georgia Cornell
Alpha Gamma Delta

530 s. milledge avenue

"Being a part of Alpha Gam has been one of the greatest parts of my college career. Because I hail from Pittsburgh and that is quite far from Athens, these women have truly made 530 S. Milledge feel like home." -Lauren Linkowski

Olivia Profita


Alpha Omicron Pi

1190 s. milledge avenue

"AOPi has had such a tangible effect in my life. It has shaped my college experience in a way I never could've imagined! I've met so many girls who have brought out the best in me and girls who have become my role models. It has instilled within me a sense of confidence that I never could've discovered on my own. Most importantly, it has given me my best friends and place to call home.” -Anna Park

Kathleen Najim