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Ekko Means Education

Rachel Ehlinger is a senior member of Sigma Delta Tau at UGA. In the summer of 2015, Rachel started a not for profit clothing company called Ekkos, which provides education for orphans in Africa. In the summer of 2014, Rachel worked at an orphanage in Ghana. While she was there, she learned that education in Africa is not free for children like it is in Europe and the United States. Parents pay their child’s way through school. The orphans, however, do not have this luxury. Most are put on the street at the age of 14 to make room for new, younger children. Rachel’s mission is to provide secondary education for these orphans. She believes that with education any developing country can succeed and find its way out of the third world. To take a look at the children Ekkos is currently sponsoring visit and support equal opportunity for childhood education.

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