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This month is one of Pi Beta Phi’s favorite months. It isn’t because there is a fun holiday or a week long vacation from school. It is Read>Lead>Achieve month!

Read>Lead>Achieve is Pi Phi’s literacy platform where they aim to improve future generations through the power of reading. 1 in 4 children will grow up illiterate, and Pi Phi believes the way to provide a better future is to share the skill of reading. Even Dr. Seuss agrees; he says: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Each year, Pi Beta Phi celebrates Dr. Seuss Day at local elementary schools such as Alps Road Elementary. Their members dress up in Dr. Seuss costumes and read Dr. Seuss books to the children. It is a great way to help the Athens community by demonstrating how fun reading can be! Pi Phi also visits Alps Road Elementary at least twice a week to read to the children and visit with them on the playground. They believe the best way to make a positive impact is in a hands-on way.

So this September while you are reading your textbook or reading the most recent Buzzfeed article, Pi Phi encourages you to take a moment and appreciate your reading skills. Then go a step further and donate a book! Or get involved in a local philanthropy that provides books to children, such as First Book!

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