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Outside her bubble, into Turner Field

Chen Kirshenbaum is junior here at UGA, majoring in art education. She hopes to one day teach high school students. This past summer, she decided to step out of her art bubble and explore the world of sports! Chen got a job with the promotions department at Turner Field and worked for the Atlanta Braves. In the promotions department, she staffed the gates and hung out with kids in the Family Zone. The best part of her job was getting to run the bases in one of the tool costumes! You may have seen her out on the field as the drill or the bucket. Afterwards the game, you could catch her up on sky field taking pictures with the fans! It was one of the most fun yet challenging jobs she had. She loved making kids happy, and the reactions on their faces were priceless. Chen loved the experience she had this summer trying something new, and she hopes she can work there again next season. Go Braves!


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