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Community Service Internal

For the next few weeks, we wil be posting about the different committees on the Panhellenic Council. These committees aid with the internal affairs of the council and help the Executive Council whenever necessary. Each committee was asked to introduce their members, explain what they do, and then either write a haiku about their committee or choose a celebrity who would serve on the committee. And a big thank you to photographer Blane Marable for the photos!

Meet our first commitee: Community Service Interal!

Members (left to right): Becca Panek, Taylor Ryals, Missy Harris, Abigail Hill, Sarah Shor, and Kathryn Johnson

Junior Panhellenic Members (not pictured): Mary Harris Morgan, Emma Johnson, Ashley Siegel, Erin Harman, Julia Turpin, and Lily Goodwin

What they do: We faciliate and improve the Panhellenic Participation Program (PPP) and create and implement a spring philanthropy event for the Council.

Celebrity that would join the committee: Ellen Degeneres would definitely be on our committe because she is so full of light and joy. She is constantly supporting friends and getting involved in different organizations. She is a kind, generous, hilarious friend and would fit perfectly on the Community Service Internal Committee. Degeneres would contribute to our team with her creative mind and constant need to help other. She would overall improve our Committee.

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