October 15, 2015


Members (left to right): Nina Verstandig , Molly Orr, Maiben Watkins, Maria Moraitakis, 

Junior Panhellenic Members (not pictured): Anna Leigh Turner, Annabelle Selph, Ashley Postell, Bre Steed, Oliva Webb


What they do: The Panhellenic scholarship committee is responsible for encouraging high scholarly standards within the Panhellenic community. We are in charge of providing a reward for the chapters with the highest GPAs each semester, choosing recipients of the Panhellenic scholarships each year, rewarding council members for their academic achievements each week, selecting professor of the year, and maintaining a good relationship between Panhellenic and UGA faculty through Faculty Appreciation events.


Celebrity that would be on the committee: ​If we had a celebrity on our committee, it would be Pitbull. Pitbull has opened several charter schools within his hometown. By doing this, he is trying to make better education available to more people. This is very similar to our committee goal which is to encourage scholarly standards within or community.

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