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Members (from left to right): Olivia Feltner, Marie Godiers, Katie Haack, Ashleigh Brosius, Emily Middleton, Helen Woodland

Junior Panhellenic (not pictured): Anna Jaggears, Alissa Ranson, Madeline Witchey, Elizabeth Willis, Lindsey Giles, Madison McGuirt

What they do: Our committee is committed to partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Athens to host different events for the kids. In the Spring we put on an Easter Egg Hunt. Each sorority donates candy, and we stuff the eggs as a council the night before at our meeting. Our committee arrives early to hide the eggs for the kids before they come running out of the gym to find them. It is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience to see the smiles that we are able to put on these kids faces. In addition to the Easter Egg Hunt, we also host a Trunk-or-Treat Event for the kids in October. Each sorority’s delegate, assistant, and Junior Panhellenic delegates decorate the trunk or their cars and dress up in a Halloween costume. The kids from the Boys and Girls Club are invited to join us in The Varsity parking lot to go trick-or-treating out of the backs of our cars. The kids absolutely love it. This year our committee has been working on a new project. We have worked to increase our involvement as a Panhellenic council in Homecoming Week and are looking forward to continuing this tradition in the future!

Celebrity that would be on the committee: We believe it should be Adam Sandler. Not only does he have a goofy personality that would be great for working with kids, but he is also a past member of the Boys and Girls Club. Adam is a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Club.

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