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Together One Nation

As many know, on February 21st inside Sanford Stadium, UGA Miracle raised a record-breaking $1,068,358.16 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 12 hours before, the Alpha Alpha chapter of Phi Mu flipped over a check revealing that the women had fundraised $162,545.04 for UGA Miracle – making the chapter of Phi Mu the highest fundraising chapter in the nation. A sorority of 285 members raised 15% of what UGA Miracle raised this year, completely redefining what philanthropy means to the sorority in the best of ways. However, it’s not all about the number on the check; that number was a product of Phi Mu's compassion as individuals and how that added up to a monetary donation that will impact the lives of thousands of children and families that walk through the doors of Children’s hospital. Dance Marathon is 24 hours of celebration, a celebration of life and giving a new definition of what it means to be a student at UGA. Fun Fact: Greek organizations make up 60% of UGA Miracle members and Phi Mu is just one of the many. Dance Marathon is a celebration of what it looks like when students from all corners of campus come together for a common cause, grown out of unconditional love for the hospital, the miracle families, and for one another. Junior Phi Mu and UGA Miracle PR chair Emily Giglio said, "Raising $1 million dollars was no easy task by any means, but I knew it was possible because I have never believed in people more than I have in the people I surround myself with every day through UGA Miracle and Phi Mu. Thank you to everyone who helped make these dreams a reality, I had the time of my life making miracles with all of you. #TogetherOneNation."

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