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Work Hard, Play Hard

Delta Gammas Annelise Wornat and Katie Cregge serve on the executive board for a campus organization called Designated Dawgs-- a student-run, student-led, nonprofit organization that strives to make the UGA community a safer place by providing free, safe, nonjudgmental rides home to students during the spring and fall semesters. You might have seen them at work underneath the neon green tent on the corner of College Avenue and Clayton Street. On a typical night of operations, they run four cars (rented from Enterprise) staffed with 10-15 student volunteers (fed nightly by Papa John’s Athens) and give up to 120 rides home! They offer safe rides from downtown to on- and off-campus locations. Besides keeping their riders safe, they also want to make sure they have fun! That’s why the volunteers will also play your favorite music, lead you and your friends in a game of trivia (like real life Cash Cab but instead of money you get a free ride).

Annelise Wornat, Executive Director, said, "What I love about Designated Dawgs is how it creates a community of responsibility between UGA students. Often our riders will become volunteers in an effort to ‘pay it forward.’ Volunteering with Designated Dawgs is a very tangible way to serve your community. You are actively working to make Athens a safer place, and at the end of the night, you know exactly who you helped, how many people you helped, and what your impact was.”

Katie Cregge, VP Operations, said, “I love that Designated Dawgs truly has a place on campus. Students are excited when they see us downtown and always give volunteers high fives and words of thanks and encouragement. I joined because Designated Dawgs can give college students a safe, reliable, and free option. UGA students can work hard and play hard in Athens."

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