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Alpha Chi Omega's Filmanthropy

This year, Alpha Chi Omega decided to try a new philanthropy event that involved a great movie and some even better popcorn. For their spring philanthropy event, the women held a movie on the lawn at Herty Field on north campus. The event was titled Filmanthropy and consisted of a giant screening of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, while students came out with blankets and dinner to watch and enjoy the company of others. All of the proceeds collected went directly to Project Safe, a local non-profit organization that is working to end domestic violence. Alpha Chi Omega has been working with Project Safe for years now, as their philanthropy is domestic violence awareness. With every Alpha Chi holding project safe close to their heart, the event was very important to them. There was a great turnout and everyone there had a wonderful time, sitting on their blankets, eating their dinner, and watching a classic movie. There is no better way to raise money for a great cause than to have students from all over campus come together and support Domestic Violence Awareness together. It was such an inspiration to have so many people come and help the women of Alpha Chi Omega make a stand, and they couldn’t be more grateful for all of those who came to show their support.

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