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The Starry Night

Each year, Kappa Delta holds two Shamrock events to raise awareness for Prevent Child Abuse America. This year on April 2nd, Kappa Delta hosted their 4th Annual 5KD benefitting PCAA. Prevent Child Abuse America is a special philanthropy to these women, as eighty percent of the money they raise stays here in the local community and goes to Prevent Child Abuse Athens. The remaining twenty percent of the proceeds raised goes to the national chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, where it will help fund national child abuse awareness efforts and programs. Child abuse shatters a child’s heart, which is why it is important to Kappa Delta that they educate the members of our community and raise money to fund healthy development programs for families in need. KD loves to support PCAA because it directly affects the people of our community and works to educate everyone about what child abuse is and what it looks like.

The theme of the 5KD this year was a Glow Run and it turned out to be a great success! They had over 450 participants signed up, which allowed them to raise over $35,000 for PCAA through this particular Shamrock event. The runners were provided with glow sticks to light themselves up on the course, along with fun items such as glow paint and light up accessories. The finish line looked amazing when all of the runners came in and were glowing in the dark, starry night.

Kappa Delta's Panhellenic delegate said, "It was truly amazing to watch as our families and friends came together to support this important cause. We are so proud that we were able to raise so much money for Prevent Child Abuse Athens and Prevent Child Abuse America. The funds from the 5KD, included with our other Shamrock Events, total out to be over $53,000! We are so grateful for everyone that helped us along the way, and we cannot wait to see what we can do in the coming years".

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