A Summer Down Under

May 23, 2016

UGA ZTA's are spending their summers all over the world, ranging from right at home as an Orientation Leader in Athens, camps in Colorado, internships in New York City, and even study abroad programs in Australia and New Zealand. The Discover Abroad Maymester in the outback has proven to be very popular among many of their sisters, as Zeta currently has about 12 girls who made the trek to the other side of the world. During the Maymester, the participants travel all over the South Pacific, from the big city of Sydney, to the pristine beaches of Lady Elliot Island, as well as the island of Fiji. Some major adventures they will or already have accomplished include scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking Carnarvon Gorge, getting up close and personal with Australian wildlife, and finding a little time to complete the coursework as well. Zeta misses all of their wonderful friends this summer, but cannot wait to hear the plethora of stories that these adventures will create when they all reunite in the fall.



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