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Brooke Szoch, a Sigma Kappa junior from UGA, is majoring in Nursing at Augusta State (Athens Campus – formerly known as MCG).

This summer, she will be working as a Patient Care Tech at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). Brooke is extremely excited about this opportunity, as it will help to fulfill her dream of becoming a Pediatric RN working at CHOA.

Brooke said, "Nursing for me is not a “job”, but a persona, it is who I am. The kids at CHOA are not there because they want to be. They are afraid, anxious, and scared. CHOA is a place of healing, hope, love, smiles and hugs". In addition to taking patient vital signs, helping with patient care, and learning invaluable hands-on information within the pediatric environment, Brooke will be able to offer compassion, a shoulder, and a play partner, to her young patients. She is excited to be a part of the developmental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their care.

In addition, the Sigma Kappa will be training under the best of the best, meeting nurses, doctors, and other students from diverse backgrounds and expertise, while gaining a greater understanding of the organization structure and operations within the pediatric environment.

"The atmosphere at CHOA strongly aligns with my core values and the way I want to relate to my future patients in pediatric nursing. CHOA’S mascots, HOPE AND WILL, represent, like myself, the desire to bring a hopeful attitude and strong will to persevere to all my young patients!" stated Brooke.


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