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Je t'aime, Paris.

Sigma Delta Tau's sister Claudia Miller is currently on the program UGA à Paris! It is a six-week program abroad in the heart of Paris, where Claudia will live about a 15-minute walk from all of the city's biggest monuments. She spends her mornings in classes that range from the history of Paris to the sociology of terrorism. Afternoons are used for exploring the areas around her: checking out museums, pretending not to be tourists with her classmates, and of course eating all the bread and cheese the city has to offer! The trip has introduced her to many different parts of French culture that she had yet to study as a French double major. For example, Claudia has enjoyed discovering different aspects of the language and how everyday life operates in Paris. It has also introduced her to so many new and amazing people from different parts of the country and from all different Panhellenic associations! Claudia said, "My favorite part of the trip has been sitting under the Eiffel Tower with some of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to meet, or getting lost on the streets of Paris but having the funniest time trying to get back." Paris and her study abroad experience in general has allowed her to experience a whole new side of looking at life. Thanks to this program through UGA, Claudia doesn't think her life will ever be the same! The Sigma Delta Tau would like to encourage all students who have the opportunity to study abroad to do so, as it has been the best experience of her life!

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