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Phi Mu Spotlight

Annie Boydston is a junior Phi Mu from Atlanta, Georgia who is in nursing school at Augusta University. This past August, Annie began her two-year path to becoming an RN. Luckily for her, Augusta University opened up a small school for nursing students right here in Athens, meaning she didn’t have to leave her friends and Athens behind quite yet!

Each week, Annie gets to spend time in both a classroom and hospital setting. Annie has started her clinical rotations at Athens Regional, where she spends time following nurses and assisting with patient care on the neuro floor. Annie said, “Being in Athens Regional has been awesome so far. We learn so much in the classroom each day, but being one-on-one with a patient in a hospital setting allows you to take everything you learn and apply it to real life situations.” Annie has loved Augusta University so far because it has allowed her to establish relationships with her professors, clinical instructors, and peers. Annie stated, “There are only 38 of us in my nursing class, so the professors really take the time to get to know each and every one of us. Coming from UGA where I was in huge lecture halls for science classes, it has been cool to form these close relationships with my classmates and teachers. They are definitely a support system when school work gets to be overwhelming!” When Annie is in the classroom, she is learning about nursing care and assessment, pathophysiology, and health promotion. Annie said that one of the coolest things they do is simulation, where there is a “fake patient” that can talk, cry, cough, sweat, etc. and they have to treat it how they would treat a real life patient. Annie said, “If there is one thing I have learned thus far in school, it is how to be a good 'fake nurse' in the classroom.”

Annie has loved her first semester at Augusta University and is excited to see what the next 3 semesters have in store!

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