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Glory, Glory to Mrs. Gloria

Anyone who has lived in the Gamma Phi Beta house knows Mrs. Gloria. Mrs. Gloria is Gamma Phi Beta’s housekeeper, and is most fondly known for her wonderful hugs and singing while vacuuming the halls. Unfortunately, after suffering a heart attack, sweet Mrs. Gloria underwent open heart surgery. While this enough is taxing on a family, Mrs. Gloria’s husband, Cedric, had just lost his job, forfeiting their health insurance.

However, this story does not end sadly. As a sorority, Gamma Phi Beta collectively decided that they would do everything they could to help out Mrs. Gloria and quickly began raising money for her. Through donations and cookie sales, the women altogether raised $3,300 in a few short weeks and presented it to Mrs. Gloria and her family in a check at their last chapter, where she showed up in her favorite Gamma Phi t-shirt. There wasn't a dry eye in the chapter room, and both her and her husband were overcome with joy.

Alyssa Alves said, "I think this truly exemplifies to me what a sisterhood banded together can do. In our books, Mrs. Gloria is family. After already raising nine children of her own, she said herself she 'thinks of each of us as her children,' and for her we are forever grateful. This sisterhood does not have borders; we are all family, and will ensure that each of us never gets left behind or forgotten. We truly love you, Mrs. Gloria, and can’t wait to have you back singing in the hallways."

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