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A Day Off To Serve

On January 16, Caitlyn and Lindsay McSwigan gave up their Martin Luther King Day to serve the local Athens community. Over six hundred volunteers gathered at Thomas Lay Park for the fifteenth annual Athens MLK Day of Service. This day allows people across the United States to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through service. The pair started off the day with some wise, inspirational words from Lemuel LaRoche, a spoken word artist. LaRoche encourage volunteers to extend the day of service to a year of service and beyond. Afterwards, they headed to their respective volunteer sites.

Whether it was helping with Books for Keeps, Bike Athens, or the Athens Area Homeless Shelter, everyone did their part and gave back to the community. The McSwigan sisters chose to participate in the Loop 10 beautification project. They planted over 30,000 daffodil bulbs on the side of the highway, which is heavily traveled each day.

While reflecting, Lindsay said, “It was really rewarding to know people will delight in our efforts when they drive by the site.” It is a unique opportunity to be able to witness not only UGA students, but also people from all around the Athens community as they come together to spend the day doing something for the greater good. These ladies truly embody Delta Gamma`s motto, “Do Good.” What a truly amazing way to spend your day off!

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