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Impacting Young Lives

Young Life is a Christian based organization that places young adults in local high schools to create meaningful relationships with the students. Their mission is to help high school students grow in their faith through encouragement, interactive involvement, and dynamic teaching.

At the University of Georgia leaders are trained through College Life, a campus organization. They learn how to run a successful skit, respond to tough circumstances in student’s lives, and teach lessons from the Bible. Then, the leaders are placed at different high school campuses around Athens.

Delta Zeta’s Erin Harman has the opportunity to go to Morgan County High School as a Young Life leader. She spends time getting to know the kids there each and every week. Each Monday there is Young Life Club, where they play games, sing worship songs, and perform a light-hearted skit. The leaders then talk with the kids to get to know them on an individual and personal level. Erin explains, “It has been more work than I have ever imagined, but being able to get to know the kids on a deeper level and be there to do life with them makes every sacrifice worth it.” You can always catch Erin out and about making every individual she talks to feel important and loved. Go you go girl!

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