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Healthy Relationships Week

This upcoming week Alpha Chi Omega will be celebrating Healthy Relationships Week. The chapter celebrates this week to promote healthy love and to educate themselves on what healthy relationships should look like. Their goal is to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault through the promotion and education of healthy relationships. By promoting good relationships, Alpha Chi can help the prevention of an issue and problem that affects so many in the local community. They will be encouraging individuals all over campus through their "Love Is…" campaign.

All throughout the week the chapter will be participating in different events and promoting them through social media. However, they want to take this beyond the doors of Alpha Chi and allow others to participate. This upcoming week, they will be doing several things to share with the UGA’s campus about Healthy Relationships Week. On Tuesday of next week, February 14th, they will be tabling at Tate and hosting an event called “Donut Let Love Hurt," as they pass out donuts, cards and lollipops that all promote the "Love Is…" campaign. Additionally, there will be huge chalkboards around campus that say "Love Is…" for students to fill in what a healthy relationship looks like to them. Alpha Chi Omega is extremely eager and excited to share their hearts for Healthy Relationships Week with not only the Greek Community, but all students at the University of Georgia. Look out for the chapter on social media and at Tate so that you can help them promote and celebrate Healthy Relationships Week!

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