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Opening Doors

For senior Britty Koppen, Alpha Gamma Delta has opened numerous doors for her during her collegiate years. Britty, a Middle Grades Math & Science Education major, hails from Valdosta, Georgia, but has lived in seven different states (as her dad was in the US Air Force) before landing at the University of Georgia. Having joined Alpha Gam in 2013, Britty has come to value the incredibly strong sisterhood and the fact that if she ever needs anything, the Alpha Gams are willing to help her in any way. She exclaims, "Being sisterhood coordinator my sophomore year taught me that this is a group of women who just want to be together. With that being said, Alpha Gam is a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime."

When Britty came home to 530 S. Milledge in August 2013, she was welcomed by 260 of her newest best friends and her older sister Kali (pictured with Britty), who became her "sister sister." As a New Member looking for advice, Britty vividly remembers her older sister Kali and other older girls encouraging her to do as much as she possibly could. From there, Britty was determined to branch out, try new things, attend various events and just be a participant in the UGA community by opening every door she possibly could.

Alpha Gam is a powerful organization that will truly change a woman's life. That may sound intense or dramatic, but Britty is living, breathing proof that this is true. During her four years as a UGA student and an Alpha Gam, Britty has opened doors to the social aspect of college, valuable friendships, sisterhood events, a thriving academic life, leadership opportunities and everything in between. Britty claims that the best part of opening these doors is finding the people who are hiding behind them. She says, "You literally never know who will be behind that door. It could be your best friend, your maid of honor, another bridesmaid, or even your future husband."

Britty recognizes that opening these doors is not always easy, but being a part of an organization of over two hundred women provides doors to open and also sisters to open them with. As Britty beautifully puts it, "Alpha Gam opened doors to me that lead me to the truest friendships I have ever had, the women that will stand beside me when I marry my future husband, the women that will be coming back with me years down the road for International Reunion Day. That is because Alpha Gam provided me with the first doors I walked through, adorned with the most beautiful Tiffany glass windows, that I opened and walked through almost five years ago this upcoming fall."

Alpha Gamma Delta is extremely thankful and proud to have a sister like Britty. We wish Britty a fabulous last semester here in Athens and cannot wait to see her open doors in the future, wherever life might take her!

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