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Miracle in the Making

Four years ago, Kathryn Youngs came into college very unsure of what she wanted to do or who she wanted to be. She was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to join Kappa Delta and develop impactful relationships with driven, intelligent women that she could look up to. Kathryn vividly remembers one of those older girls coming to a new member meeting, speaking about Miracle and encouraging Kathryn and her pledge class to participate with that year. The passion in her voice and her evident love for the people in this organization was like nothing Kathryn had ever heard before.

Kathryn's little sister was impacted greatly by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta when she was growing up so she went ahead and applied for a committee. She had no idea what Miracle was going to give her, but she is now forever grateful. Four years later, she can look back and say that UGA Miracle is truly a family. Particularly, Kathryn says "It blows my mind when I sit in a room with a group of people from different backgrounds, different majors, different hobbies, and different lifestyles and despite this we all are connected by our love and passion for this cause. This hospital and these families have absolutely changed my life for the better and being able to give them as much support as we possibly can will be a passion and a movement I continue for the rest of my life."

Kathryn has been blessed with the opportunity to serve as Internal Director of UGA Miracle this year, with an Internal committee team of Family Relations, Events, and Morale as well as the opportunity to plan Rivalry Week and Dance Marathon 2017. Dance Marathon is this coming Saturday, February 18 throughout Tate Student Center. It is going to be amazing, with over 30 families sharing their stories, a dance taught every hour culminating into a group dance after 24 hours, tons of performers from Athens and beyond, 6 meals generously donated from restaurants in the Athens community, celebratory ceremony of the year, and the chance to be apart of something so big that it will change the lives of people in our community for years to come. Kathryn encourages anyone interested in seeing what UGA Miracle is all about to come and experience this Dance Marathon; it could just change you life.

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