Fundraising for Hope

February 13, 2017

Hope. One words. Four letters. The one true thing that gets people up in the morning and through the day. When Cameron Shockey, a member of Sigma Kappa’s freshman pledge class, first came to the University of Georgia, she hoped that she would find a place on this enormous campus. Little did she know she found more than a place. She found a family. This family is very familiar with this idea of hope because it radiates it in everything it does. This family is UGA Miracle. UGA Miracle is a nonprofit organization that raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). CHOA works every day to change the lives of all of its patients. Recently, Cameron was fortunate enough to tour CHOA and learned that it takes over $1 million to open and run CHOA everyday…. $1 MILLION. The only way that CHOA is able to do this is with the help of amazing people who donate to the cause.



Cameron considers herself lucky enough to say she was chosen to be a part of the Fundraising Committee. She adds, “I have always had a passion for community service, and that is why it was so easy to become invested in UGA Miracle. Also, I don’t think that any child suffering from an injury, disease, or illness should have to go through it alone, and this is my way of being there for them.”


This past year, UGA Miracle raised $1 million, and for this year, the goal is to raise $1.4 million and every dollar beyond $1 million raised by UGA Miracle will go towards supports the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at CHOA. This change means a great deal to our organization as many siblings, friends, loved ones, and even some of UGA Miracle’s members have been treated by this wing of the hospital that does so much to combat childhood cancer. With every donation, people are giving hope to every child that goes through Children’s Healthcare, and for that, they are performing a miracle, a UGA Miracle!

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