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Dancing Delta Zetas

This past weekend dozens of Delta Zeta sisters flocked to the Tate Student Center to participate in the twenty-four hour Dance Marathon hosted by UGA Miracle. Many Delta Zetas are involved in UGA Miracle committees and have a huge heart For the Kids. Together, the ladies of Delta Zeta raised $32,000; in fact, they raised $15,000 at Dance Marathon alone, having the largest in-event fundraising of all the Greek organizations!

Many Delta Zeta’s have been involved in UGA Miracle over the years. Shelby Rohrer, a senior Delta Zeta and this year’s team captain, was automatically hooked when she heard a family speak in August of her freshman year. Since then she has been a Color Group Captain for two years and Delta Zeta’s Team Captain this past year. Shelby explains, “This is why I joined Delta Zeta- the love is prominent and it's exactly what I needed in my college career. I am so proud and humbled to combine my two favorite parts of college, DZ and UGA Miracle, and do amazing things with sisters I will forever be indebted to.”

Support, love, and dedication are the ideals that guide Delta Zeta’s sisterhood. Together, any goal is possible; even raising $15,000 in one day! The sisters involved in Dance Marathon would like to thank every professor, family member, and friend who has supported them this year. It is because of kind, generous, wonderful people in their lives that so much money was raised.

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