Dynamic Duo

March 3, 2017

It’s that time of year again!  Everyone is in a frenzy about midterms, hurrying to the library to bury their heads in books and complain that they do not have any time to do anything but study.  However, for Kappa Kappa Gamma member, Mary Helen Tarbutton, there is always time for one particular person in her life: third grader, Xer’Rhiya.

Mary Helen had the pleasure of meeting Xer’Rhiya this year when she first began participating in the Clarke County Mentoring Program.  The program looks for applicants that they believe would make a strong mentor and once accepted, the applicant is paired with a young person.  The Clarke County Mentoring Program believes that by sharing fun activities, and exposing a child to new experiences, mentors encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement and introduce the young person to new ideas.


Every Wednesday evening, Mary Helen is seen walking into the Kappa house with a beaming smile after she has just spent an hour or more with Xer’Rhiya.  Mary Helen arrives to Barrow Elementary at the end of Xer’Rhiya’s school day and that is when their fun together begins.  Once Mary Helen has finished helping Xer-Rhiya with her homework, the two enjoy activities like playing on the playground or reading books like Junie B. Jones and Nancy Drew.  Their favorite thing to do is to paint each other’s nails!  One thing is for sure, you can always be sure to catch the two of them on Mary Helen’s Snapchat story infectiously giggling with each other about something funny that has just happened. The program’s aim to offer friendship and guidance to a young person and make a difference in his or her life is certainly being achieved by this duo.


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