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Every year Delta Delta Delta sets a goal of a certain amount of money to raise for their philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year their goal is to raise $81,800. You’re probably thinking, why wouldn’t they just round up and set the goal at $82,000? The reason that Tri Delta set the goal to be that exact number is because of the bible verse Romans 8:18. This verse was the favorite verse of Halle Scott, a Tri Delta who lost her life in a car accident last year. Cristina Bixby, the philanthropy chair for Tri Delta, chose $81,800 to not only push the chapter to raise $20,000 more than it did last year, but to also honor and remember the life of Halle Scott.

Recently Tri Delta held their annual Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper. The money raised from ticket sales will go towards helping them reach their goal of $81,800. Guests enjoyed all you can eat pancakes and toppings, as well as live music from The Tuten Brothers. There was also a pancake eating contest for anyone brave enough to tackle a stack of pancakes without using their hands. The supper was a huge success, raising almost $10,000 for St Jude. The members of Tri Delta continue to personally fundraise throughout the semester, recently holding a $150 day, where they challenged all their members to raise $150 in 24 hours. Tri Delta is excited to see the result of all their hard work fundraising for the children at St. Jude, while honoring their sister at the same time.

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