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Lady Lax

Emma Woodward, freshman Alpha Omicron Pi had the privilege of making the UGA Women’s Club lacrosse team her first semester here at the university! Playing lacrosse at this level is very difficult because there is no SEC lacrosse team at the University of Georgia. She is able to focus on her studies as well as playing on the team, which really shows Emma’s hard work and dedication. Recently, she traveled to Boulder, Colorado for an annual spring tournament.

The team woke up and they flew out to Colorado together. They played about four games against teams from Colorado, but also some teams from different states as well. In her spare time while not playing, Emma and her teammates got to adventure and see new places as a team. Emma said, “We went to red rocks amphitheater on our last day in Colorado and it was beautiful. It is now on my bucket list to see

a concert there!” Usually the spring weather in Colorado is very unpredictable so they thought

they were going to have some difficulties with that, however this year they only had two rainy

and cold days. When it began to rain, the teams moved indoors to what they call “the bubble” at the University of Colorado. Emma said, “It was such a cool experience playing there because I have never played an indoor game of lacrosse!” The love and support from UGA fans doesn’t only exist in Athens and that was made very clear while the team was in Boulder! There is a family that lives in Boulder whose children went to UGA. Every year they come to the games and bring their bulldogs to support the team. Overall, Emma had a great experience and members of AOPi are so proud of her commitment and involvement during her freshman year!

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