Exec Spotlight: Allie Gosch

How has the Panhellenic Council's Vice President of Administration, Allie Gosch, been spending her time this summer? For starters, this Georgia girl quickly became a California girl for a summer filled with various adventures. Earlier this summer, Allie hopped in the car with her roommates and drove across the country to California. 

After arriving in California, Allie jumped head-first into a full-time volunteer program at an incredible global anti-human trafficking organization, A21. Allie has had the opportunity to learn in an environment surrounded by a passionate team of world changers who work to make this generation the last one sold. "I have been a part of a team that is shaping history and works every day to see slavery abolished everywhere, forever," she adds. Allie describes her work environment as incredibly sharpening and challenging and filled with innovative inspirational and encouraging people who uplift and inspire the entire team to work harder and challenge the status quo every single day. 

With Panhellenic Recruitment only FIVE days away, Allie is heading back to Athens and getting ready for the most exciting time of year! In terms of advice, Allie takes a more visual approach. The piece of art by Lindsey Pruitt summarizes Allie's guidance to PNMs. She says, "This week will be tough on your emotions and on your feet, so remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. Secondly, be true to yourself don't try and portray yourself as something you're not. Be YOU; that is enough." 

As a true people-person, Allie is looking forward to watching the formation of new friendships during Recruitment. She adds, "I’m especially excited to hear about the friendships that are formed throughout the week as each girl meets girls in the house and find out which house they belong to and how that will shape their next four years at The University of Georgia."

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