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Gamma Chi Advice: Preferential Round

Sunday, August 13- today is the final day of Panhellenic Recruitment 2017. The Potential New Members (PNMs) will soon head to Milledge Avenue to attend preferential ceremonies at up to two different houses. Because this is the final round of Panhellenic Recrutment, the round is much more serious and can help a PNM truly find the sisterhood she belongs in.

Gamma Chi, Megan (Group 76), encourages PNMs to "look around at the girls standing on the lawn outside of the house as those could become your sisters in your pledge class!" Jordan (Group 52) offers advice for deciding on one house, saying "really let the house see who you are, ask challenging questions and notice the little things." Sarah (Group 88) urges PNMs to "address any doubts and really use the round to potentially envision yourself in that sisterhood."

Before the Preferential Round begins in just a few hours, UGA Panhellenic wishes the PNMs all the best in the final step of finding a home here, in Athens, Georgia. Whether that home is within Greek life or not, the Panhellenic Council cannot wait to watch these women begin their journey on UGA's campus.

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