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A Summer in Spain

Sophomore Alpha Omicron Pi, Lauren ONeil, traveled to Spain this summer on a study abroad through the University of Georgia. She stayed in Cadiz, a small beach town in southern Spain, however was able to travel to many locations while not in class such as Switzerland, Morocco, and Paris. During the week, she did what is called a homestay in which she lived with a family of Cádiz as well as one other member from the UGA study abroad. Lauren said “They were the cutest family. The boy was 11 and the sister was 14, they both played soccer and were so fun to talk to.” The family did not speak any English at all so Lauren was able to really improve her Spanish speaking skills. Her favorite meal that the family cooked for her was paella, and she loved eating meals with them because she was able to experience the culture as well as learning the language. Her favorite town she visited was Switzerland because “It was like Disney world: it is clean, everyone wants to be your friend, and speaks 5 languages.” She loved traveling so much; therefore, she proceeded to get a job at the UGA Study Abroad office and is now working to encourage others to travel and have an amazing learning experience similar to her studies. You go, girl!

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