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Delta Gamma and Club Equestrian

Sierra Hoadly is from California, and she is a sophomore member of Delta Gamma here at UGA. You may be wondering, why she chose a school hundreds of miles away from home? The answer to that question would be: horses. Sierra is on the UGA club equestrian team. When trying to decide which college she would like to attend, Sierra looked at all the equestrian teams in the nation. She heard about Georgia’s program, and came to visit. During her visit here, she got to see all that UGA had to offer, and fell in love. Since then, she has joined Delta Gamma and continued riding as a member of the club equestrian team.

Normally, Sierra rides three days a week, not including shows. She started riding when she was four, and became competitive in high school, riding six days a week. Since she is very busy with college classes and sorority life, her schedule now allows for her to balance these responsibilities with her passion for riding.

Sierra also talks about the team dynamic, saying “I love the team dynamic because we have all ridden with different trainers in high school and have been past rivals, but now we come together with one coach and all learn from each other.” She goes on to tell me that, “A lot of people on the team are also in sororities, have jobs, or are involved in other clubs, so we all know how busy we are, but we still make time to hangout a lot and support each other.”

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