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Inside Alpha Gam During Hurricane Irma

When the University of Georgia emailed students cancelling two days of classes due to Hurricane Irma, many were excited to have an extra few days off! At the Alpha Gamma Delta house, the seventy-one women that live there found plenty of ways to pass the time during the storm. Also, on Sunday evening, many of the Alpha Gams made trips to Kroger to stock up on snacks in case of the inevitable power outage.

Because Alpha Gam hosted their Big/Little Reveal last Thursday, many members of PC ’16 braved the storm by painting coolers and crafting gifts for their future littles. Also, many women decided to catch up on some school work, take a nap or just relax. However, by about 3pm, the Alpha Gam house lost power. The house mother, Ms. Carolyn, thought ahead and ordered 30 Papa John’s pizzas at 2pm and kept them in the warming oven until dinner; therefore, the Alpha Gams were truly thankful to have warm pizza for dinner during the power outage.

By 8:30pm, after the sun had set and the house was completely dark, the Alpha Gams got creative with fun activities—since Netflix was now out of the question. Caroline Ford, a member of PC ’16, organized a game of “Hide n Seek” throughout the extremely dark mansion. She adds, “It was so fun to get a big group of sisters together that night, so many people participated! Everyone got really into it and we definitely made so many great memories to share in the future!.”

Although many Alpha Gams were stressed about tests and projects being rescheduled due to the two days off, it was a great way to get to know one another on a deeper level and have some fun. Girls crowded into rooms to play Cards Against Humanity by iPhone flashlight and other shared ghost stories. Hurricane Irma brought some good old sisterhood bonding to 530 S. Milledge Avenue.

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