Greek Unity Through Junior Panhellenic

September 25, 2017

With the fall semester in full swing, the newest members of Junior Panhellenic are working hard to promote Greek unity among all Greek councils at UGA. Junior Panhellenic is a mini-version of the Panhellenic Council that governs all sororities at UGA. JPan is special however, because all members must be from the newest pledge class on campus. This gives the new members a chance to branch out and meet girls from all nineteen sororities on campus while learning about what the Panhellenic Council does behind the scenes. This past week, the Junior Panhellenic girls started their t-shirt fundraiser.

 Junior Panhellenic President Carlie Perner, designed a t-shirt that includes all Greek councils to help promote Greek unity. Each Junior Panhellenic representative is responsible for selling a certain number of t-shirts to girls within their own sorority, or to people outside of their sorority. The money that is raised from selling the t-shirts goes towards funding scholarships that the Panhellenic Council gives away in the Spring. The t-shirt fundraiser benefits our own Panhellenic Council, while promoting the fact that no matter what your letters are, we all have something in common; we are all Greek. The Junior Panhellenic girls hope that students will see another student they don’t know wearing the Greek Life t-shirt, and approach them to spread Greek Unity. If you’re like Uga and you love UGA Greek life, you can purchase the t-shirt here

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