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Finding a Home at Kappa Delta

Written by Anna Deutschle, a member of Kappa Delta's 2017 pledge class.


Growing up, I always imagined I would go to college and join a sorority. It was always something I wanted to do, but until I actually got to college, I didn’t realize the impact joining a sorority would have on me. The assumption was by joining a sorority, I would find my automatic best friends. Especially being an out-of-state student, I was excited to find my people in this incredibly unfamiliar place.

Recruitment was an exhausting process, but everyone kept telling me that the process worked and “you end up where you’re meant to be.” As exhausting as the week was, it made me so much more excited for bid day and to meet my soon-to-be sisters. Flash forward to the Monday of Bid Day, I could not sit still in any of my classes. I was so anxious to get a bid. My heart was telling me that I wanted to be a Kappa Delta and I sat through the school day hoping my bid card would say Kappa Delta, too.

When I saw my bid card and the “Kappa Delta” written on it, I freaked out. I ran to my sign and walked with all the other new KD’s to the bus that was taking us to the house. Even though I knew pretty much no one, we all bonded over the fact that we were now sisters. That night was filled with endless memories, countless experiences, and the start of friendships that would last a lifetime.

Since Bid Day, being in a sorority has exceeded any of my pervious expectations. There is truly someone for everyone. It is like a puzzle, all of the girls are so different yet we’re so similar that we fit. The girls I am surrounded by are so much more than pretty faces and silly chants. I am surrounded by girls who have aspirations, love to have fun, want to give back, and will always be there for you. The superficiality I experienced during rush is not even close to the relationships being in a sorority have given me. I am so grateful to be a Kappa Delta and am so thankful for everything it has given me thus far.

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