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Celebrating Big/Little at Theta

The new members of Kappa Alpha Theta, after five weeks of getting to know the girls in the pledge class above them, get to find out who their big sister or “Big" is. The pairs are based off of mutual selections from both the younger and older members. The week leading up to the day of the reveal, we leave hints in our chapter room with a fun gift, ranging from candy to face masks.

The best part of the whole process is the day that the bigs are actually revealed. Theta's has a tradition of leaving clues all around the Theta house that eventually lead to the Big's room. Waiting in the room, is the Big and a giant basket of hand-picked gifts. The baskets have fun costumes for socials, lots of Theta t-shirts, and other things that you know your little would love. Right after the reveal, you and your big put on a matching costume and run to the front lawn to take pictures. Afterwards, your whole family stays close by going to dinner together, having a snapchat group, and more. These Thetas are happy to finally have one special person to lean on, look up to and have fun with!

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