Delta Gamma: Tradition

October 2, 2017

Living in the sorority house is one of the greatest bonding experiences for the sisters of Delta Gamma. Not only do they get to live with their best friends, but they get to continue making new memories that will last a lifetime. The house also holds some traditions, one example being that of Room 207. Room 207 in the Delta Gamma house is a four-person room. Three of the women who currently live in this room are taking after their Big sisters, who had also lived in this room. These girs also take after their Bigs, who lived in the very same room.


The bond between Big and Little is so special. Being a Big sister to a new member of Delta Gamma is the ultimate way to bond. These three women strengthened their bond through the tradition of living in the house, specifically in the very same room. Another interesting thing to notice is how each year, the room was decorated very different from the previous year. The girls who lived in this room were different from one another, but they still had a strong bond through all of their differences.

Delta Gamma has so many great traditions, from our annual Low Country Boil, to raising a Guide Dog in the house, to a Big passing her room down to her Little. Some traditions are bigger than others, but they bring us all so much closer together. 

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