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My Upperclassman New Member Experience

Written by Alyssa Guikema, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon.


Why go Greek? This was the question roaming through my mind as I eagerly signed up to participate in Formal Recruitment at the best school in the south. My parents were not Greek, my siblings were all younger than me, and I was heading into UGA as a transfer student. Being a transfer student made me feel a tad different than everyone else. How would I fit in? Will the girls look at me any different? Will there be anyone else my age? These questions had stayed with me, and by the time Recruitment came, I was a nervous wreck! However, it is safe to say that I cannot be happier in my decision to join a sorority and have found the sisterhood I have always dreamed to be a part of.

As I got to bond with my new pledge class, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were quite a few that were sophomores, just like me! To be honest, I was super shy and thought that I would have difficulty making friends but I have never met such enthusiastic women who were ecstatic to meet me. UGA is huge, especially if you are used to a small college. However, I had so many girls that would answer any silly question I had or give me some advice about campus. Being an upperclassman has given me the ability to help my freshman sisters out with study tips, class suggestions, and homesick vibes. Also, some of my favorite memories so far have been multiple carpool karaoke sessions and majorly losing at bowling with these girls!

From Bid Day to now I have gained so much more knowledge, many more values, and lifetime long friendships. From date nights and socials, to fundraisers and sisterhood events, I have joined a family that has made me feel like I belong. Greek life, to me, is sisterhood. Sisterhood through laughs, service, support, and life. Although my time at UGA will not be as long as other girls might, I intend to make the most of it! Becoming a DPhiE has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whatever your background may be, home will always be home.

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