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Keeping Up with Gamma Chi

Freshman, Carly Peterson, went through recruitment in Fall 2017 and was able to develop a strong relationship with her Gamma Chi, Leah Buczynsay. Carly was asked a few questions about her relationship with Leah and how it came to be.

"I thought Leah was a super bubbly person that made me feel so supported and welcomed in the process. I hoped we’d become actually close during the week. After I found out Leah was an AOPi, it just made me even more excited that she was my Gamma Chi and my now “sister," after re-afliaiting. Her sorority letters however do not define her, because I could have seen her in any sorority. She is so personal and loving towards every type of girl. Leah and I share a pure love and passion for hot dogs which made me even closer to her talking about all of our upcoming 99 cents hot dogs date we would go on. We have stayed in touch, and I consider Leah one of the best mentors in my life."

There truly is no bond like the one between a Gamma Chi and the PNMs that she mentors during the week of recruitment.

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