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The Value in Greek Life

Written by Kristen Pisani, a member of Gamma Phi Beta.


Growing up in a small town on Long Island, New York, it is safe to say the only things I knew about Greek life before college were what I saw in “Sydney White” and “Greek.” Naturally, I was very hesitant to be involved in Greek life whatsoever; originally I did not even want to room with someone who was going through recruitment. But as I’m sure every woman who is reading this knows, Greek life is so much more what the media shows you, especially here at UGA.

When I accepted my bid from Gamma Phi Beta, I assumed I had just made 250 new girl friends, but with the Panhellenic system of UGA I was lucky enough to find so many more. Between date nights and socials, I found myself making friends with the men involved in IFC; through joint sisterhood events and philanthropies, I made some of my best friends, who aren’t in my sorority.

This is where UGA’s Greek life really stands out to me. Even though we all chose different paths during recruitment, we don’t see these houses as differences. Our houses may have different values and philanthropies, but being at UGA we all stand together to cheer on the Dawgs and to raise money for the Big Four philanthropies; our letters don’t separate us from doing this.

I often call myself a spokesperson for “Panhel-love” because I find so many of my friends in other sororities; some of my best friends are in Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu, among other houses. Having such a wide range of friends gives me the opportunity to meet even more people, and make more connections (and always have a date when I need one). I am beyond grateful to the Greek organizations of UGA for bringing me a home away from home at Georgia, in every house on Milledge.

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