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Not Just Another Flower

February 15, 2018

Georgia’s state flower is the Cherokee rose, the United States’ national flower is

the White House Rose, and the birth flower of November is the Chrysanthemum. Now while each of those is a designated official flower, most people could never tell you what that flower was and definitely not the meaning behind it. As for Gamma Phi Beta, each member can proudly say the Pink Carnation is a tenet of our sisterho-od and not just another flower.


One of our founders, Frances Haven, said, “We chose the Pink Carnation as our

flower because of its beauty and long lasting fragrance.” This long lasting fragrance is just as lasting as our sisterhood in Gamma Phi Beta. Pink Carnations can thrive through day or night, heat or cold, and rain or sun. They grow like wildflowers in any place they are planted, and not one single flower is the exact same. Each one is different, yet they are all strong, driven, and beautiful. I believe that while Frances Haven said that it was the beauty and fragrance that made the Pink Carnation qualified to be our flower, she truly knew that the Pink Carnation was so unique in those ways that it was beautiful both inside and out, not just another pretty and fragrant flower.


The strength, drive, and beauty personified through the Pink Carnation sets a path

for each Gamma Phi Beta to break away from the status quo and be different. No matter what life throws at us, our sisterhood will preserver and keep us together. Gamma Phi Beta is proud to stand behind the Pink Carnation as we recognize it is not just another flower and we are not just another sorority. 



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