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Not Just a Number

It’s not uncommon for people to be astounded by the shear size of the panhellenic sororities on UGA’s campus. Recently, someone mentioned to Jennifer Williams, the current president of Alpha Gamma Delta, that with that many members “you can’t possibly know everyone”. Yet, when walking into the chapter room, there are nothing but familiar faces. It’s an organization of over 250 members and it’s still so possible to know just about everyone by name, pledge class, and favorite hobby.

This same opportunity to connect can hold true to the entirety of the University of Georgia. A school with almost 30,000 undergraduate students, and one still can’t wander through Tate without catching the eye of someone from their old freshman dorm or have a dramatic reunion with a best friend they saw the day before. It is as if these relationships stretch across many lines and reach people with different interests, beliefs, goals, and whatever else makes others’ perspectives new and unique.

There is definitely something to be said about a sorority and a university that doesn’t just educate you about your major, but also promotes and provides a variety of beautiful and meaningful relationships. It’s the connections gained through greek life that can rescue you out of many a downslide and rejoice with you in every success. So yes, random lady who is astounded by the magnitude of our chapters, you can know everyone. And because of that, we are better, more connected, well-rounded, and at home for it.

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