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Daddy Daughter Day Fun

My parents and everyone else around me seems to always talk about how college was the best four years of their life and how they wish they could come back. This weekend I got to grant my Dad that very wish. I rarely get to see my family since I came to school at UGA all the way from Dallas, Texas, so I was super excited when my dad said he could come to our Daddy Daughter day this past weekend.

Sigma Kappa planned a wonderful day for us and our fathers, complete with a baseball game and excellent lunch. I got to show him the room I get to live in next year with my 4 best friends, even though my dad still cannot process how I’m ever going to be productive with the amount of laughter and dance parties our room will surely always be partaking in. It was so cool to introduce someone I love so much to all of my new sisters that I love so much and to show my dad my new home away from home. My friends and I giggled as we watched all of our fathers quickly become friends and share stories of their adventurous tales at their own schools. The amount of times our fathers would say, “oh the good ‘ole days” was absurd.

Although my dad graduated from Clemson University, I still managed to get him to chant “Go Dawgs” with us at the baseball game, as we crushed Charlotte in both games played, albeit he did check the score of the Clemson game at least 5 times throughout the day. I took my dad to all my favorite Athens restaurants with my friends and had so much fun dancing to salsa music at Cali N’ Titos. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to be a student at such a great school that I’m proud to get to show off. All of the dads seemed to have a blast with their daughters and became friends with each other. Sigma Kappa welcomed me so warmly into Athens, Georgia and it warms my heart even more to get to share some of these memories I will cherish forever with my dad and all of my best friends and their dads.

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