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The Disco is Not Dead

Each semester Phi Mu has a variety of three to four date nights, where the active members ask a date of their choice. Although often our date nights are semi-formal attire, on occasion the date nights are themed, and sometimes we even have surprise date nights too! Our most recent date night was combined with Kappa Alpha Theta and was Seventies’ Disco themed, but because we could not get to a real disco, our Social Chair brought it to us- Silent Disco that is. We all pulled out our grooviest clothes, hit the dance floor in our go-go boots and bell-bottom jeans, and rocked out with the help of the famous headphones from Silent Disco. As Silent Disco is one of the most popular attractions in Athens, this date night was a huge hit! In Silent Disco, each person has a pair of headphones that can switch between three different channels. People can sing as loud as they want to the song of their choice, but no one can hear because everyone is jamming to their own song. On any given night, the line to the Silent Disco is out the door! The most fun part is, each channel is a different genre, so there is something for everyone. Our members and dates had the night of their lives and you can tell from these pictures that we hope to keep this date night an ongoing tradition!

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