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Spring Break Spotlight

Mollie Belisle in Jamaica

Spring break is an extremely anticipated time at UGA. We pass through Midterms waiting for the beach, the snow, or wherever we may be headed. A group of Chi Omega freshman (Mollie Belisle, Savannah Soles, Payton Perez, and Anna Sewell) decided to spend their spring break on the Freshly mission trip in Jamaica. Here we asked UGA soccer star and Chi Omega stud, Mollie Belisle, a few questions about her experience serving the community in Montego Bay.

How did you find this mission trip?/ Why did you decide to go?

“So I actually found this mission trip through google. I had always heard of Freshly and Wesley (which is who the mission trip was through) but never really had time to get involved/ made much of an effort. I was supposed to go to Mexico Beach with some of my friends, but I kept googling mission trips over and over again and finally I knew that God was almost placing it on my heart to go on the mission trip. So I just decided to go for it and I signed up really really late.”

What did you do?

Chi Omega Freshman Savannah Soles (middle) and Payton Perez (right) in Montego Bay

“We built a house for a mom and her kids, who had been having to live and sleep in separate places. We went to a special needs orphanage, West Haven, and spent the whole day basically just making the people and kids there feel loved because they almost never have people visit them. And the third place we went was an orphanage called Robbins Nest, where we filled potholes in the road to save money, and got to play with the kids.”

How did it impact you?

“Going to Jamaica was not only eye opening, but it allowed me to serve and grown in ways I had never had before. My relationship with the Lord has grown stronger every day since the trip.”

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