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Recruitment week!!

Recruitment week is coming up so quickly and we couldn't be more excited for everyone to be back in Athens. Sorority women move into the houses on Milledge soon and begin preparing for all of the beautiful potential new members (PNMs) coming on August 8th! Recruitment is a fun, stressful, and amazing time but a lot of people don't know what exactly to expect, so here's a rundown of the week.

The four rounds of recruitment begin on the 8th, and end with bid day on the 13th.

Round One: Round one is on August 8th and 9th. During this round PNMs get the chance to go into every sorority and have very quick conversation with the women in that house. Traditionally, this round is called "water parties" because when the PNMs walk into the house they are offered a cup of water. Most PNMs will wear a cute sundress or whatever they feel fits their style, but the most important thing is, no heels. If you feel like you can walk around during the round in heel, more power to ya, but more often than not, you'll be wishing for more comfortable shoes. Most PNMs will wear flats, sandals, or comfortable platform shoes they can walk in.

Round Two: Here at UGA we are very proud of all of our sorority's philanthropic efforts. Our sorority women raise a lot of money and volunteer at many events. Round two is on August 9th and 10th. During this round the sororities get the opportunity to share what they are passionate about with the PNMs. They get to show a little bit of why they love where they are. Often times, the PNMs will watch a quick, cute video describing the sorority's philanthropy and how they all rally around a particular cause. Then the PNMs will get to talk to a sorority woman and hear her personal experiences. PNMs will typically wear similar outfits to this round.

Round Three: TSHIRT DAY!! Round three is t-shirt day so we all get to dress down a bit. During this round the PNMs get to tour the sorority houses. They will get to know the sorority women a little more while seeing what it might be like to live in the house. PNMs will wear the t-shirt given out to them and can dress it up however they wish, possibly with a skirt or some cute shorts.

Round four: This round is the preferential round or "pref day." Here women will end their journeys to finding their home away from home. The PNMs will spend more time in the houses they get invited to. They will talk with the sorority women about what being in a sorority means to her, have any questions answered, and continue to get to know the women in that house. This round is supposed to help the PNMs to finalize their decision. The dress for this round is nicer, like what you'd wear to a wedding, and many women choose to wear black but this is not a requirement.

That about sums up the exciting week of recruitment, and its not too late to sign up! Remember to keep an open mind and a keep smiling. If you have any more questions, the UGA recruitment pointer is another great resource full of more in-depth information, or you can email us at

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