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Your Recruitment Best Friend

A lot of women that go through sorority recruitment at the University of Georgia always have the question, "what is a Gamma Chi?"

The Gamma Chis are a large group of sorority women who have temporally disaffiliated from there sorority on campus to help the potential new members (PNMs) find their new home. Their purpose serves as an intermediate between the potential new members and the sorority women. Every Gamma Chi has been through recruitment as a PNM and has recruited as a sorority women, so she knows the ins and the outs, and therefore is the perfect resource to help all the new women on this journey.

Each Gamma Chi is given a group of about 18 PNMs to guide specifically. The Gamma Chis meet with their group of PNMs before after each day of recruitment to talk about the day, answer any questions, and make themselves available to the women they are serving. The Gamma Chis are basically the PNMs go-to for absolutely anything during recruitment. Need a bandaid, a pep-talk, a joke, a mint, or some encouraging words? The gamma chis have it covered plus more.

Gamma Chis are the PNMs best friend during recruitment and are on a mission to help their girls find their place at UGA.

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