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It’s your senior year of high school. You’ve decided where you’re going to college. You’ve picked the University of Georgia, and now you get to choose what kind of experience you want to have. Here at UGA, many girls decide to rush a sorority in the fall of their freshman year. Others decide to go for a sport. Some do both. Mary Wilson Avant did exactly this. A member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a key player on UGA’s women’s softball team, Mary balances both her sorority life and softball life, all while taking a full schedule of classes. When asked how she manages all three, she says that “it's been difficult at times, but you just have to keep a good balance and prioritize everything you have to do.” But what led her to this was more than just a love of sports and a love for making new friends and being involved on campus. Says Mary, “I decided to rush because I had seen Greek life be such a huge part of my sister’s college experiences and I wanted that too; however, I knew I wasn't ready to give up softball, and luckily

I got an offer from the university that I had always wanted to go to, which made it an easy choice! it's been really cool because I have two completely different aspects of college life which most people don't get. I have amazing support from both of these two different groups and that makes life/college so much more fun!”

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