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What Does Panhellenic Mean to You

Most of the time, when you are applying to an organization and you are accepted in, you feel that you represent that organization and that organization represents you. When girls join sororities on a large campus like UGA, they feel this same pressure. Most girls feel that when they join a sorority, they will have a sense of belongingness and that the sorority will soon define who they become. While this is partially true, we believe differently here at UGA. The cool thing about our Panhellenic sororities is that there are no stereotypes. One certain sorority doesn’t have the label of “those types of girls.” In each sorority, you can find different groups of girls. In any given day, you can find someone who will want to stay in and study, someone who will want to go out and explore the town, someone who will want to join an organization together, and someone who will want to simply just go grab Menchies. I think that’s the cool thing about Panhellenic; no matter what sorority you belong to, you can find unity within Panhellenic as a whole. Although we are all different, have different backgrounds and experiences and belong to different “homes”, we can all unite under the fact that we are one body working together to strive towards motivating each other and creating lasting friendships.

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