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Freshman Year Forever, Please!

As she nears the end of her freshman year, Wesli Anne Wernick, is starting to feel that feeling we all do: "Can I stay a freshman forever?" She let's us know all the reasons why she isn't ready for this year to end:

“'Freshman year is the best year of your life”. “Oh my goodness, you’re a freshman? You’re so lucky--I would give anything to do it all over again!” “Don’t take a second for granted, this is going to be the best year of your life!”

Starting at UGA, and especially being involved in the Greek life system, these seemed to be the words of every older girl we talked to. This is it, freshman year, the year that everything is new, exciting, and fun. Freshman year is different for everyone, and it is definitely not all sunshine and bid days, but it is an amazing adventure.

For me, and the girls I now get to call life-long friends, by far the most impactful thing for me this year was joining a sorority and more specifically Alpha Omicron Pi. We have not only had so much fun in weird costumes dancing away, or all dressed up for a formal night, or painting with our moms in our new home, but we have also grown so much by being in a community that strives to help everyone be the best version of themselves. I think that this is the best part about freshman year, it is a time where you get surrounded by new girls who you learn from and grow with in such incredible ways. Girls who pour the glitter in your hair, zip up your dress, and who somehow all seem to have the best shoulder to cry on. Freshman year has its low points, but the everlasting friendships that have been made make it all so very worth it. So take it all in and enjoy the ride, it goes by even faster than they say!"

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