From the Chapter Room to the Classroom

February 25, 2019

Lindsay Nance, an Alpha Chi Omega, tells us all the perks of having a class with your sorority sisters:


"Let’s face it, the first day of school isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite day of the year. Finding classes can be difficult and trying to make it from one side of campus to the other in 15 minutes can be, well, exhausting. Getting back in the groove of things isn’t always a piece of cake, but one thing that never fails to make going back to school much more enjoyable is realizing you have a class with your sorority sisters. Intimidating lecture halls can be made less daunting, and way more fun, simply by sitting with some of your closest friends.


In every sorority there are girls in an abundance of majors, so chances are, you will never be taking on a class alone. Often times, you may have a class with girls you haven’t had the chance to get to know yet, but through seeing each other several times a week, great relationships can be formed. Your lab partner can easily turn into the girl you grab dinner with before date nights, and the girl you sit next to in Spanish could be saving you a seat at chapter the next week. Need a project partner, a study buddy, or someone to help you pick out an outfit for an interview? Who better to ask than a sorority sister!


Another one of the many perks of having classes with sorority sisters is that they can be great connections to have once graduated, especially if you share similar majors. Though growing academically is incredibly important while in college, forming lasting friendships with girls that you can always count on is just as valuable. Everyone can relate to the feeling of walking into a class on the first day and feeling out of place, but seeing the familiar face of one of your sorority sisters can make you feel right at home."

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